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Welcome to The Copper Sink Store, we specialize in hand crafted, artisan made, natural copper sinks for the bathroom, kitchen and bar. We feature a huge range of styles and finishes that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Our hand hammered sinks ship direct from the USA and Mexico, all of which are available for quick delivery. We specialize in affordable copper farmhouse sinks made in Mexico. These kitchen sinks are available in a range of popular sizes and configurations.

Undermount Sinks Vessel Sinks Kitchen Sinks Farmhouse Sinks Bar Sinks

The two most popular types of copper bathroom sinks are under mounted and drop in, which refer to the way they are installed, either underneath the counter or dropped in supported by a lip. Vessel sinks are a huge modern design trend. They are bathroom sinks that sit on top of the counter, unlike an undermount or drop in sink. Copper vessel sinks bring old world charm to your bathroom. Copper kitchen sinks have been in use for over 100 years. Copper is naturally antibacterial making it an ideal material for sinks which come in contact with food and food waste. We offer various sizes and colors. Copper farmhouse sinks also known as apron sinks are very popular today and feature an exposed front apron that sits just in front of your countertop level. This style was used in old farmhouses since the 1900's. No bar is complete without a bar sink. We offer a complete collection of copper bar and prep sinks that are compact enough to fit into a bar area but still large enough to be functional.

Copper sinks seem like an edgy, modern twist for your bathroom, but copper is actually one of the oldest materials used to create plumbing fixtures. For more than 10,000 years we’ve been utilizing this material, so bringing it into our bathrooms for use as a sink is not really a stretch. In the past you could almost be certain that upon entering any bathroom you would be greeted by a boring, plain, under mounted white ceramic sink. The choices today are virtually limitless and a copper sink is a natural choice for a rustic country or European inspired kitchen or bathroom.

Our copper sinks are primarily made in small shops, typically in Mexico, who utilize the techniques for construction from centuries ago. Often refereed to as hand hammered sinks, this technique involves artisans manually hammering sheets of copper into shape to give it a rustic look.

The offers one of the largest stocked collections of copper sinks for the kitchen and bathroom in North America. We work directly with a factory in Mexico as well as third party US based vendors to offer authentic sinks made in Mexico. The direct from the factory approach allows us to offer affordably priced but premium quality sinks and also allows you to choose the final design and finished color. We literally have thousands of combinations, whether you are looking for a sink for your bathroom, kitchen or bar we can provide it to you.

Copper sinks are not only visually pleasing, but they are also easy to care for. They have warmth to them that will thaw out any modern, industrial look. As these sinks age, they get more beautiful. In addition, copper is naturally antibacterial, so you know your kitchen or bathroom will be that much safer from germs and bacteria.

We are often asked if the sinks will turn green, as many people see the green copper tiled rooftops of Europe. The answer is no. Copper left outside exposed to the elements for many years will turn green, but a copper sink in a bathroom or kitchen simply doesn't have the right environmental factors to turn that green color. It is true that the sink will develop a patina, but this usually entails a darkening of certain parts of the sink. If you want to keep your sink from developing a patina, that you use a natural food grade wax, like carnauba wax (used to coat jellybeans, apples, as well as cars!) to seal the sink every 2 or 3 months. This keeps the air and water from making contact with the copper, and thus preventing it from developing the patina.

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